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Play Bingo For Oak Creek Catalina Kids

OAKHURST – Who can resist a game of chance on a paper grid, with multiple variations and nearly limitless ways to play?

On Sunday, Apr. 27, Oak Creek Intermediate (OCI) is holding an off-site Bingo fundraiser to benefit the school’s annual 8th grade Catalina Science Trip. The Bingo extravaganza takes place at the Oakhurst Elks Lodge, where doors open at noon and games begin at 2 p.m.

Ideally, hordes of Bingo-bound supporters will turn out on behalf of OCI parents and teachers who are currently raising funds to support science education.

The ticket price for Bingo is $20 for a pack of 10 game cards. Additional cards will be available for $5 each, while “Blackout” game cards will be sold for $3 each. Participants must be 18 or older to attend. Space is limited, so organizers suggest advance ticket purchase and early arrival. For more information, contact Brenda Negley at (559) 760-9108.

Oak Creek Intermediate students following their snorkel the reefs in Catalina 2013 - Photo Credit Virginia LazarUltimately, these fundraising efforts lead up to area kids traveling from the foothills to the seashore in an exciting and challenging field trip to Catalina Island.

Every year, eligible students from OCI, together with parents and teachers, embark on a journey to Catalina Island where they spend several days and nights at the Catalina Island Marine Institute at Cherry Cove.

The Catalina Island program applies to the mandated state curriculum for the grade, and has been part of the OCI experience for many years. Next month, students will again journey by bus and boat to Catalina for an educational bonding experience that, for some, will be their first trip to the ocean in their life.

The community is invited to take this opportunity on Sunday to come out and play, do some bonding over Bingo, and send some kids to Catalina. Now, that’s worth a chance.

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Oakhurst Elks Lodge

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