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Plagued By Weeds? There’s A Class For That

MARIPOSA — Weeds: we all have them. We pull and we whack and we cut and we dig, and they always seem to come back.

Mariposa Master Gardeners will present a free workshop, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Wading Through the Weeds in Mariposa County,” on Saturday, July 16 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Board of Supervisors chambers located at 5100 Bullion Street.

Participants are asked to register by calling (209) 966-2417 or on the website

Master Gardener and group coordinator Kris Randal will give an overview of the kind of weeds that plague the foothill community and how to control them. She’ll talk about specific weeds, from bachelor button to star thistle to “Tree of Heaven.”

She’ll explain the difference between invasive and noxious weeds, native vs. introduced weeds, and nursery plants that can escape your garden ​to threaten indigenous plants.

“I will discuss the differences between a native weed and an invasive, non-native weed and why it is important to know the distinctions, plus what makes a weed a weed,” Randal said.

Furthermore, she will alert you to a new plant that threatens the area. As usual, there will be numerous handouts for participants to take home.

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