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Physician Shortage Causes Closures At Urgent Care

OAKHURST – Some folks showing up at the Oakhurst Urgent Care Center in the past weeks have found the doors were closed.

Due to circumstances such as Dr. McBride’s injuries in a car accident in late January, a shortage of physicians has created staffing problems recently for some shifts at Urgent Care.Michelle Von Tersch, Communications Director for Community Medical Centers, says they are working to resolve those issues, and provide staff to cover all shifts.

Urgent Care Facility Oakhurst“The Oakhurst Emergency Medical Group, which provides physician services to our Oakhurst Urgent Care Center, has experienced some staffing challenges due to the simultaneous departure of one physician and another physician’s medical leave,” says Tersch. “This made it difficult to cover a few shifts over the last few months.”
Tersch says Oakhurst Emergency Medical Group has recently recruited new providers to the staff to avoid further service interruptions.
Ed Guzman, General Manager at Sierra Ambulance, advises that if someone does encounter a closure at Urgent Care, and needs medical attention but is unable to travel to an emergency room in Fresno or John C. Freemont in Mariposa, they can call 911 and Sierra Ambulance will be dispatched to the location. There is a pay phone located near the doors at the facility.
Guzman also advises that it might be a good idea to call ahead first, if possible, to be certain that Urgent Care is open.


  1. Pissed and not going to be quiet

    Urgent Care is dangerous. They refused service to my husband who was suffering from the flu, if they had even taken his vitals they would have found he had an unknown underlying heart condition and we could have been spared his heart attack later in the year. Oh, and they charged us $1000 for the visit in which they refused service. Every medical provider in the area tells people to avoid Urgent Care.

  2. Oakhurst Urgent Care is part of oommunity regional medical center… why can they not use ER docs from CRMC Fresno? Do. NO BRAINER! But my theory is that CRMC wants to see Oakhurst Urgent care fail! This is your Obamacare folks… and it has not even started yet!!!!

  3. The Urgent Care saved my husband, yet

    my mother-in-law died. Some people are devoted others are not!

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