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PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Work in Madera County

A message from PG&E:

At Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), we have taken a stand that catastrophic wildfires will stop. Working with our customers and communities, we are installing new equipment, using state-of-the-art technology and developing innovative safety solutions, with the goal of being safer each and every day.

In 2022, our ongoing wildfire safety efforts will include:

  • Beginning to underground 10,000 miles of powerlines in and near high fire-threat areas as part of a bold and unprecedented, multiyear effort;
  • Expanding Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings to all circuits in and around high fire-threat areas to help reduce wildfires. These settings allow powerlines to turn off power within one-tenth of a second if they detect a wildfire threat, like a tree branch falling into lines. Last year, amid record drought conditions, this technology reduced ignitions by 80% on capable powerlines, when compared to the prior three-year average;
  • Continuing to build a safer and more resilient electric grid by installing stronger poles and lines;
  • Meeting and exceeding state vegetation standards to manage trees and other vegetation located near powerlines that could cause a wildfire or power outage;
  • Testing and using new tools and technologies to pinpoint how to best prevent and respond to the risk of wildfires; and
  • Continuing to reduce the impact of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), a measure of last resort to help prevent wildfires during severe weather.

See a recap of PSPS in 2021

We want you to know that we are listening and taking your feedback seriously.

To share your experiences, please email us anytime at wildfiresafety@pge.com or call 866‑743‑6589.

For more information on our wildfire safety efforts, visit pge.com/wildfiresafety.

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