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PG&E Has Created The Safety Action Center

OAKHURST – When customers are allowed to return home, PG&E wants to ensure they stay safe so they have created the Safety Action Center (www.safetyactioncenter.pge.com) with information about what customers can do to keep their family, home and business safe during emergency situations. We continue to make repairs following damage from the Creek Fire. About 850 customers remain out due to fire damage.

The Safety Action Center includes:

o    Tips on how to create an emergency plan.

o   Emergency preparedness guides and videos.

o   Links to the statewide Power of Being Prepared campaign and other resources.

PG&E Power Outage Safety Tips

o   Use a cell phone or hard-wired phone. Cordless phones do not work without electricity.

o   Use battery-operated flashlights, not candles, which pose a fire hazard.

o   Unplug or turn off all electric and heat-producing appliances (e.g., air conditioners, washers and dryers, ovens, stoves, irons) to avoid overloading circuits. Overloaded circuits can be a fire hazard once power is restored.

o   Unplug televisions and computers that were in use when the power went out.

o   Leave a single lamp on to alert you when power returns.

o   Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed, and place extra containers of ice inside to preserve food. A full freezer will remain colder longer.

o   Notify your alarm company if you have an alarm system. Equipment can be affected by outages.

o   Turn your appliances back on one at a time when conditions return to normal.

o   Reset clocks, thermostats and other programmed equipment after power is restored.

Generator Safety

o   While backup power can be helpful during an outage, it can also pose safety hazards when not used correctly. Improper use can risk damage to your property, or endanger the lives of you, your family, or PG&E crews who may be working to restore power.

To support customers, PG&E has added portable power stations to its digital marketplace. Customers can compare models and prices at https://marketplace.pge.com/portable-power-stations/

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