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Image of Herman the Cat
Hi everybody!! I'm Herman!

Pet of the Week: Herman the Cat

Hi there! Herman here!

Have you heard what the rescue people are saying about all of the cats that were born because the vets were not allowed to perform spay and neuter surgeries when businesses were closed during COVID?

Well, the powers that be may have not thought those surgeries were “essential” but I am here to tell you my feline friends and I know differently!

All of the unaltered cats were left to their own devices…and guess what?!

Kittens everywhere!

The people at the EMCSPCA are trying to keep up with all of the calls for help, but there are so many it is almost impossible.

If you can add an adorable cat or kitten to your family, now is the time!

Watch for information on Kitty Adoption events that will be held frequently throughout the summer.


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