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Permits In Place To Demo The Great Wall

OAKHURST – The Great Wall of Coarsegold was once again a discussion item at the Town Hall meeting in Oakhurst last night, and it seems that this time the fix is in.

District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler told the crowd that by noon on Friday, Nov. 15, the final permits would be in place and the wall would start coming down.

“Of all the calls and emails and conversations I’ve had since taking office, the Great Wall has been the number one issue,” said Wheeler.

County Building Official Harry Hinton said he has been talking with the contractors, Jay’s Construction out of Lemoore, and they say they are ready to go as soon as the Cal Trans permit is in hand.

Tom Wheeler Town Hall 11-14-13“This project is a priority for them,” said Hinton. “When they get all the permits, they’re ready to go to work.”

Hinton said that the Cal Trans permit is the last piece of the puzzle, and that he has been assured that by noon Friday that permit will be issued.

Hinton also told the crowd that the decision has been made to remove the 7,000 sq. ft. building at the top of the hill that required the wall to be built in the first place.

“The weight of the building and the foundation created a surcharge on that slope. They intend to return the land to the shape it was naturally, and removing that building will eliminate the need for a retaining wall,” said Hinton.

Contractors will now be working against time to get the wall demolished and the ground stabilized ahead of winter weather.

Someone in the audience suggested that they sell off those blocks as souvenirs, not a bad idea to commemorate something that has been an eyesore and a danger for residents and travelers alike for many years.

For the full story on what has become un-affectionately known as The Great Wall of Coarsegold, click here.

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