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Pecking Order

All is well at the backyard bird feeder. The towhees, quail and all the birds are happy.


The sinister raven siblings come to town and take over the local food supply:

Pecking Order 2

The chickadees can only watch:

Pecking Order 3

and the finches:

Pecking Order 4

and titmice:

Pecking Order 5

When the ravens have had their fill and fly off nothing is left.

Pecking Order 6


a new feeder with no perch for the ravens is installed:

Pecking Order 7

Not even the turkeys can get at it:

Pecking Order 8


those gluttonous bullies, the scrub jays, take over the feeder and throw out everything but sunflower seeds:

Pecking Order 9

Pecking Order 10

Although the spotted towhees and quail don’t mind, since they eat off the ground:

Pecking Order 11


a finch feeder is installed, with a tiny perch. Can the jays get at it?

Pecking Order 12

They case the joint:

Pecking Order 13

Fly over for an attempted landing:

Pecking Order 14

Curses! Foiled, he flies off:

Pecking Order 15

Not even the wily squirrel can figure it out:

Pecking Order 16

The deer family decides to have a go at one of them:

Pecking Order 17

Baby, on the right, learns instantly:

Pecking Order 18

The long flexible tongue helps get the last of them:

Pecking Order 19

The jays are satisfied with a peanut or two:

Pecking Order 20

And the squirrels settle for some smooching:
Pecking Order 21


  1. Keith, your photographs are nothing short of amazing! It is so difficult, to explain to city dwellers, the amusing antics at our bird feeders. Your definitely tell the story. Thanks so much, for sharing.

  2. Great work with your photo story. You are to be commended for such a creative piece!

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