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Cheryce Chartier is the owner of Pak & Page in Oakhurst

Pak & Page: New Look, New Inventory, Here To Stay

OAKHURST — Located in the Enterprise Center on Highway 49 in Oakhurst, with plenty of easy parking, Pak & Page is the place to go for school and office supplies, shipping, mailing, arts and crafts, business services, gifts, toys and pretty much you-name-it. Now, the shop has a bright new look, with a growing inventory, and the same great people behind the counter.

Recently, store owner Cheryce Chartier says a few customers have asked if they’re closing. “To the contrary,” says Cheryce, “we’re updating our shop to be a more pleasant place to do business.”

Family owned and operated since 2000, and owned by Cheryce and husband Carl Chartier since 2014, Pak & Page has long been an important business to the community. All of Cheryce’s daughters graduated from Yosemite High School, and the family has long been involved in the area — with dozens of requests for donations every year, Cheryce is partial to local fundraisers, particularly around issues concerning women, education, and equal rights.

With a well-organized and ever-growing inventory,  Pak & Page offers services from regular and color copying to notary, along with gifts, craft paint, paper, yarn and related supplies, and a wonderful children’s section.

“We’ve moved things around so that it’s a more open, inviting space,” Cheryce adds. “So far, our customers love it! We’ve added pops of color here and there and have lots of new gift items, with more coming.”

The redecorating is a work-in-progress, with help from Cheryce and Carl’s village of friends including Jennifer and Keith Buchanan, Martha Medina and daughter Maria Gonzalez.

“I’ve got some great people helping the direction of the store to be more expressive of my love of color and fun,” says Cheryce, with typical enthusiasm.

Cheryce explains that she’s been spending time away from the shop, lately, in order to properly support her husband Carl’s efforts to battle a lengthy illness. She’s confident that, despite her occasional absence, Pak & Page is secure in its location and status as the most convenient and helpful store of its kind in the neighborhood.

“We still offer our full service packing and shipping through UPS, Fedex and the US Post Office.” They can also accept prepaid package drop off for UPS and Fedex. Customers may also rent a mailbox for a secure and convenient location to receive packages and important mail.”

Besides being a store where customers can take care of business, Pak & Page is a place where fun happens, too.

“One of our new products that has been very popular is Goblies — washable, plant-based throwable paintballs that are colorful like paintballs, but painless like water balloons. Each hand-thrown ball is filled with a non-sticky goo to make colorful combat less of a mess.”

Cheryce says they also have a new jewelry line called Tassel It Yourself.

“You pick your favorite necklace, pendant, and accent, you clip them together and you don’t need tools,” says the crafty shop owner. “It’s very easy to mix and match for all of your outfits.”

With the holidays coming as they invariably do, that’s a great tip. Whatever you’re looking for, stop by Pak & Page to see what’s new or just to say hello. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Pak & Page is in the Enterprise Center: 40108 Hwy. 49, Suite C or phone (559) 692-2200. For more information visit the website at www.pakandpage.com and Facebook.

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