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Pair Pleads Guilty In Bass Lake Heights Burglary Case

BASS LAKE – Two suspects arrested on Jan. 10 for breaking into a garage in Bass Lake Heights and stealing numerous items, have both pleaded guilty in Bass Lake Superior Court.

Tama Lucas, 25, entered into an agreement and pleaded guilty on Jan. 25 to a felony (PC 496a) of receiving stolen property. She was sentenced on Feb. 22 to three years probation, plus 88 days in jail – credit for 44 days time served and 44 days good conduct credit. She was also order to complete an inpatient substance abuse treatment program and pay nearly $6,200 in fines and fees (no mugshot available).

David Greene mugshot from 2015 arrest

Her partner-in-crime, David Greene, 26, also took a plea deal, admitting to the charge of felony burglary (PC 459). He faces up to two years behind bars, and is scheduled to be sentenced on Apr. 3.

The day of the crime –

On Jan. 7, at about 4:30 a.m., the Madera County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of someone stealing property from a garage on Manzanita Drive in the Bass Lake Heights area.

The resident reported that two individuals had backed a U-Haul up to their house, broke into the garage, and loaded up two of his kids’ dirt bikes and some tools.

The U-Haul and the two suspects were located in the area a short time later, at which time deputies asked to make a consensual search of the vehicle. That request was denied, and without evidence to hold them, the two suspects — David Greene and Tama Lucas — were not detained; however, the U-Haul was.

Deputies obtained a search warrant for the vehicle based on their probable cause, and inside they found many of the items that had been reported as stolen.

Greene was spotted by a local resident on the morning of Jan. 10, walking down Road 221, and was arrested a few hours later. Tama Lucas was located shortly thereafter at a residence in O’Neals and taken into custody.

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