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Open Letter From Superior Court Judge Candidate Carol Moses

My name is Carol Moses and I’m running for Madera County Superior Court Judge on the June 5th ballot. I would appreciate your vote.

I’m running on my record as a practicing attorney in this area for 25 years, my service to our country as a Federal law enforcement officer for 20 years and my service to our county as a volunteer in several organizations with special emphasis on educating youth about the workings of the American judicial system.

I’m proud to be supported by people of all political persuasions who simply want justice applied fairly and equally to all.

I am honored to have the endorsement of judges, attorneys, law enforcement officers, elected officials, educators, community leaders and farmers with whom I have worked over the years. The list is long and while you may not know me, I suspect that you will recognize many names on that list (which is available on my campaign website: MosesforJudge.org )

Sheriff Jay Varney, retired Sheriff John Anderson, the Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the Madera Police Officers Association are all endorsing me. They are joined by each of the Madera County Supervisors and the Madera City Council as well as numerous judicial officers quoted below.

I am uniquely qualified to serve you, the voters of Madera County, as Madera’s next Superior Court Judge. I ask all Madera County voters to vote for me, Carol Moses, for Madera County Superior Court Judge Seat #2.


Carol Moses

P.S. Here are quotes from some of the Judges who are supporting me:

“Carol Moses is the most qualified person running for judge in Madera County this election.”

The Honorable Judge Joseph Soldani
Madera County Superior Court since 2010
Currently serves as presiding judge of the Madera County Superior Court.
Formerly Madera County’s assistant district attorney and City Attorney for the City of Madera.

“Voting for Carol Moses is a no brainer. I’ve been a judge for twenty years. As a trial attorney for 14 years, I appeared before judges all over California. I represented clients in front of administrative law judges, state judges and federal judges. I know what it takes to be a judge. Carol Moses will be an outstanding judge.”

The Honorable Judge Charles A. Wieland
Madera County Superior Court since 1998 including serving as presiding judge.
Formerly president of the Madera County Bar Association, Foreperson of the Madera County Grand Jury, Chairman of the Board of the Madera Valley Water Company as well as a private practice attorney.

“Carol Moses will make an excellent judge. I look forward to her joining me as a judge of the Madera County Superior Court.”

The Honorable Judge James Oakley
Madera County Superior Court Judge since 2003
Served a term as presiding judge and currently presides over a court resolving civil litigation.
Formerly Mayor of the City of Madera, assistant district attorney of Madera County, Justice Court Judge, and a private practice attorney.

“Carol Moses is a well respected attorney who has the legal experience to best serve the people of Madera County. Please join me in voting for her.”

The Honorable Judge Tom Bender
Madera County Superior Court Judge since 1995
Presides over juvenile court proceedings.
Former Police officer, FBI Agent and Madera County deputy district attorney

“Carol’s reputation as a trusted national park ranger, an ethical attorney, and someone who cares strongly about children, especially through her efforts to educate children about the Rule of Law on National Law Day, is well known. I support her campaign to become our next judge.”

The Honorable Judge Richard McMechan, retired
Former Justice Court Judge in Eastern Madera County and a Superior Court Judge in Mariposa
Also formerly a sergeant in the U. S. Army, a private attorney, and deputy district attorney.

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