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Open Letter From Incumbent Tom Wheeler – “Here Are The Facts”

My name is Tom Wheeler, and I’m running for reelection as your Madera County Supervisor from District 5.

Here are the facts.

The Fire Department budget has gone up about 50% in the past three years and our fire protection is the best it has ever been.

The Town Halls and public access I maintain has made transparency in Madera County government the rule instead of the exception.

The budget has been balanced and the fiscal health of the County for the foreseeable future has been assured under my watch. During the recession when we were forced to furlough staff members I took a cut in pay for 2 1/2 years.

Several months ago, the Board of Supervisors, along with the Sheriff and the Department of Corrections issued a press release explaining that since the county follows federal law, which supersedes state law, ICE is notified when a prisoner is undocumented.

I have changed the focus of local government towards service and away from obstruction.

I have restructured the staff Departments to save literally millions of dollars in taxpayer funds.

I have brought millions of dollars in State and Federal grants to Eastern Madera County to aid in tree mortality, transportation and conservation efforts.

I am very proud of the across-the-board support of my campaign. I have had literally thousands of donations to my campaign. So far, $90,000 has been raised for this campaign, most in contributions less than $100. I am beholden to only one special interest and that is the whole of Eastern Madera County. My record proves it.

I have been a full time Supervisor since the day I was first elected. I have always published my phone numbers and email address and I return my calls. If a resident has a problem and local government can help, I make sure they do. If they cannot help I take the time to explain why not. I am honest in my dealings, I am loyal to people in District 5 and I will do what I say I will do.

Those are the facts.

If you want a Supervisor who tells you the truth, vote for me. If you want a Supervisor who puts Eastern Madera County first, vote for me. If you want a Supervisor who does what he says he will do, vote for me.

My motives are not hidden, my record is public and my agenda is to be the best Supervisor I can be for you. I will continue to be available, I will continue to put your interests first, and I will do it full time.

I truly value your trust and deeply appreciate the opportunity to continue serving as your Supervisor. Thank you for your support.

Tom Wheeler
Madera County District 5 Supervisor


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