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One Tribe Global: Manifesting Health Through Nature

OAKHURST — The local nonprofit organization One Tribe Global is offering a trio of courses on health and nature.

The classes include Manifestation of Health, Seeds of Health – Connection to Nature, and Seeds of Health – From Concept to Action.

The three-hour sessions are held at the Oakhurst Library in the Community Room, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the dates listed. The cost to attend is $45 per class or $120 for all three classes paid in advance.

Manifestation of Health

On Saturday, Jan. 27, licensed chiropractor Art Capperauld, D.C., CCWFN, invites participants to take a more active role in personal health, through a careful assessment and personalized health improvement programs. In the class, he will focus on :

  • Why diet and lifestyle are so important for optimum health
  • The major body systems including digestion, blood sugar, cardiovascular and bone/joint systems
  • The truth and misconceptions regarding different aspects of health and health care, including family history, supplements and vitamins, diet and lifestyle, sleep, water intake, stress and weight loss.

Dr. Capperauld is trained in the foundations of nutrition, principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and kinesiology/muscle testing. With 27 years of clinical experience and lecturing in helping people take charge of and improve their health, using conventional and non-traditional methods.

Seeds of Health – Connection to Nature

On Saturday, Feb. 17, Marianna Burrett, M.A., shares her education and passion as she teaches the first of a two-part due of workshops focusing on our connection to nature and planting the “seeds of health.”

Topics include:

  • Our relationship with nature
  • Observing and identifying patterns in nature and what they teach us
  • Learning the elements and their meaning
  • Envisioning health and connection to the natural world

Seeds of Health – From Concept to Action

On Saturday, Mar. 24, Marianna Burrett, M.A., offers a class in which participants will create their own eco-garden design. The focus is on planting seeds of health by putting the creative process into simple action plans. Moving from theory to practice, we look at the pieces of an eco-garden and then assemble the pieces into a backyard ecosystem. The emphasis is on permaculture techniques that allow for nature’s own design implementation. Those who take the class will  come away with a working plan for your land, backyard, or even balcony.

Marianna Burette, M.A., is a permaculture designer and educator, certified in permaculture design with the Regenerative Design Institute. Her focus is on sustainability, education and practice. She also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

Please sign up for one, two, or all three classes at www.onetribeglobal.org where you can pay via Pay Pal, or mail your payment to One Tribe Global at Post Office Box 811 in Oakhurst, 93644. Last minute? Pay at the door.

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