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OCI Focus On Staff: Laurel Duckworth

By Eileen Holladay — 

OAKHURST — Laurel Duckworth says she became a teacher because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her sons, Shane and Ian.

Inspired by her own mother, also an educator, Mrs. Duckworth has been teaching for 20 years; this is her ninth year at Oak Creek Intermediate. She enjoys teaching math and PE, and has had students in first through fourth grade, as well as seventh and eighth. She is currently the the math, history, and PE teacher for seventh grade.

In middle school, Mrs. Duckworth enjoyed running, math, dances, participating in drama productions, and band. She has done BMX racing, cross country running/skiing, track, swimming, cheerleading, and horseback riding.

Mrs. Duckworth went to Vassar College, the University of Munster (Germany), The University Of Heidelberg (Germany), and Bethany College.

Her current hobbies include skiing, hiking, running, and camping. Mrs. Duckworth’s favorite sport is skiing because she enjoys spending time with her family, and uses her time on the slopes for relaxation, not competition.

She has two dogs, Ellie May and Maya. During free time over summer, Mrs. Duckworth enjoys camping and hiking with the family and dogs. She basically enjoys just about anything in the great outdoors, along with spending time visiting friends and family.

Eileen Holladay, Oak Creek Intermediate Secretary and Leadership Team member

Oak Creek Intermediate is part of the Bass Lake School District

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