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Oakmont Loves Its Dogs

The little community where we live is not a retirement village; it’s an “over 55 community for active adults.” The folks here also love their dogs and are all to be found walking them at all hours. So a dog fun day was a natural, and I was asked to photograph it for the newspaper and web site. And no, the Sauers aren’t ready for the responsibility yet. Here are a few pics from the event.

This guy is catching a little green biscuit:

Oakmont 2

Prize winner for best retriever:

Oakmont 3

Oakmont 4

Typical cute little Oakmont dog:

Oakmont 5

Smallest dog:

Oakmont 6

Coolest dog:

Oakmont 7

Best acrobat. He kept a balloon in the air for 5 minutes:

Oakmont 8

Oakmont 9

Winner of the look-alike contest:

Oakmont 10

Hoody dog:

Oakmont 11

Pat, with the neighbor’s dog:

Oakmont 12

Oakmont 13

Sadie was found in a garbage dump. She now spends two days a week as a comfort dog, getting in bed with children in the pediatric oncology ward.

She won the award for the dog the judges would most like to take home. Me too.

Oakmont 14

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