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Oakhurst Waste Tire And Electronics Amnesty Day Event

OAKHURST — Madera County residents will want to know about the Waste Tire and Electronics Amnesty Day event on Friday, Jan. 12 in Oakhurst — that means, free tire disposal and you can get rid of all the old computers, keyboards, stereo equipment and the like that clutters up your space. It’s required that residents make a reservation for this free service, and no out-of-county tires or electronics are allowed to be collected: proof of residency in Madera County is required.

Tire and Electronics Amnesty Days offer residents a time, place and a no-cost opportunity to dispose of any tires collected around the household. This event also allows the County to receive old tires and haul them away to recycling centers. The event also provides neighborhoods with educational information on the benefits of proper tire handling.

When your reservation is confirmed, details will be given. To make a reservation, call Madera County Code Enforcement at (559) 675-7821. You’ll be directed to the person in charge of Code Enforcement and you may need to leave a message.

The limit is nine tires without rims. Restrictions include: no tractor/diesel tires or larger will be accepted.

Accepted Electronics:
 CRT Monitors
 Circuit Boards
 LCD Monitors
 Cylindrical Mil. Spec. Connectors
 Notebook
 Keyboards
 Desktops
 Mice
 Printers
 Stereo Equipment
 Televisions
 Data/Technology Equipment
 Plasmas
 Process Control Equipment
 Networking Gear
 All IT Infrastructure
 Servers
 Telecom Equipment
 Fax Machines
 Cell Phones
 Copiers
 DVD Players
 Scanners
 Business/Office Consumer Electronics
 PDAs
 Medical Equipment (NO BIO Hazards)
 Test Equipment
 Routers
 Memory
 Circuit Cards
 Hard Drives
 Gauges
 Generators
 Radios (Communication Equipment)
 Cable Assemblies

Unaccepted Items:
 Batteries
 Small Appliances
 Light Bulbs
 Other Hazardous Waste Items
 Smoke detectors

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