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Perfect Attendance Winners Ride Off Into Summer

OAKHURST – School may be out for summer, but it’s never too late to report on achievements.

As adults, we drag ourselves out of bed every single morning, even on days we’re not feeling ourselves, to get to work on time.

As adults, we know that attendance matters, particularly with our employers! Now, imagine a child doing this every single day throughout the school year.

At Oakhurst Elementary School (OES), sixteen children not only dragged themselves out of bed, but politely badgered their parents to get them to school every day and on time! On Monday, June 9 at OES, all sixteen were honored at the school’s last assembly of the year.

Congratulations to Riley Dunbar (Kindergarten), Jayden Henson (Grade 1), Brannen Newberry (Grade 1), Ken Nagata (Grade 1), Lorenzo Diaz (Grade 1), Gabriella Shaw (Grade 2), Destiny Newberry (Grade 3), Jasmine Preciado (Grade 3), James Bratty (Grade 3), Charlize Henson (Grade 3), Logan Lehigh (Grade 4), Andrew Harrison (Grade 5), Daisy Perez (Grade 5), Emily Bell (Grade 5), Jacob Conti (Grade 5), and Angel Cheves (Grade 5).

The students were given the choice of a new bicycle or a gift card at a retail store of their choice. Thank you to the Sierra-Oakhurst Kiwanis Club for their generous donation of six bicycles, Donald Eaves and the staff of Yosemite Bank for a $300 contribution, and Dr. Bill Atwood for his $80 donation. The OES Associated Student Body Account also contributed to the purchase of rewards as well.

In 2013, we had ten students earning Perfect Attendance, and this year we have sixteen. These perfect attendance winners are outstanding citizens and academic scholars. We wish to thank the parents for getting their children to school every day on time, and supporting their child’s academic success.

Kathleen Murphy is Principal at Oakhurst Elementary School

Oakhurst Elementary School/Bass Lake Unified School District

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