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The History of Oakhurst

Located at the southern end of California’s Gold Rush Country, the town of Oakhurst is a busy hub at the intersection of Highway 41 and the historic Golden Chain Highway 49.

Oakhurst began as a mountain community known as Fresno Flats. It was not a gold mining town, but rather, provided goods and services for the miners, farmers, lumberjacks and ranchers who came to the area in the mid 1800s to seek their fortunes and raise their families.

Here in this beautiful valley they built homes, churches and schools, started businesses, ran hotels and restaurants, and put down the roots that would grow into the thriving community that it is today.

When the railroad bypassed Fresno Flats, its future seemed in question. When the Madera Sugar Pine Mill closed in the early 1930s, things looked bleak. But with the coming of Highway 41 at the end of the decade, Oakhurst gained traction as the gateway to Yosemite National Park. It is now a prime destination for those visiting the Yosemite area, and the local merchants are kept very busy providing an outstanding experience for their guests, who come from all over the globe.



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