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Oak Fire In Mariposa County is 10% Contained

MIDPINES — The Oak Fire started Friday, 7.22.2022, in the Midpines area of Mariposa County near Carstens Road and Highway 140.  It has burned almost 17,000 acres.  A community meeting took place last night. Emergency personnel are working to safely evacuate people and are actively engaged in protecting structures. We will update this article as more information is available. Helpful links are available at the end of this article.


Update 9:00pm 7.25.2022

The fire is now 17,241 Acres and 16% contained. Helicopters, tankers, dozers and boots on the ground worked in tandem all afternoon attacking spot fires and slop overs mostly on the northeast and northwest sides of the fire. Tonight Cal Fire’s S70i “Night Hawk” helicopter will be assigned to the fire to continue working with ground crews. The “Night Hawk” is night vision capable and was used for the first time by Cal Fire at night on the Electra Fire in Calaveras and Amador Counties earlier this month.

Current Situation

The Oak Fire is now 10% contained and has burned 16791 acres.

Cal Fire states that previous reporting on damaged structures was a preliminary estimate. Work from damage inspection teams has confirmed seven single-residence structures have been destroyed. Work continues with damage inspection teams throughout the fire area.

The incident reports for the Oak Fire indicate that 7 residential, commercial, and other structures have been destroyed. Because Mariposa is a small, rural community with close ties to each other, it is known whose homes have been lost in this extremely fast-moving fire. The residents are already coming together to help the victims as they’ve done so many times in the past. Mariposa County is not new to wildfires and has already experienced 2 significant fires this year, The Washburn and Agua Fires.

Oak Fire Community Meeting Partners

Last night the Incident Management Team (IMT) held a community meeting in the Mariposa High School’s gymnasium and also live streamed the event on Facebook. Various officials shared reports and let the community know that they are making good progress on the western side of the fire along Highway 140 from Carstens Road (where the fire started) to Triangle Road. Firefighters are continuing tactical patrols and structure defense throughout the entire incident and they’re feeling much more confident about the southern side of the fire. Yesterday involved an intense firefight in the Footman Ridge area which was also a key point during the Ferguson Fire in 2018.

A video of the community meeting is available here.

The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office also had this posted on their Facebook Page as a community announcement.

The Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of a local militia around the Mariposa town area. The public should be aware that the militia has not been activated or requested to act for any purpose by the Sheriff’s Office or any agency working the Oak Fire.


Evacuations for the following areas have been reduced to Fire Advisement. These areas will be open to residents living in the area only:

•       Hwy 49S from Silva Road to Darrah Road
•       Hwy 49S from McNally Rd to Triangle
•       Boyer Road including and all side roads
•       Brooks Road- Residents must use Woodland Drive to access their homes
•       Woodland Drive
•       McNally Road
•       Triangle Road from Hwy 49S to East Westfall Road including all side roads
•       Tip Top Road including all side roads
•       Wass Road- Residents will need to use Tip Top to access their homes
•       Darrah Rd from Hwy 49S to Bootjack Lane including bootjack lane
•       Silva Road from Hwy 49S to Carlton including all side roads

All other evacuations orders and advisements remain unchanged since yesterday afternoon. Updated evacuations can be found here.

Road Closures

•    Triangle Road from Hwy 140 to East Westfall Road and all side roads
•    Jerseydale Rd
•    Silva Road from Cole Road to Triangle Road
•    Darrah Road from Bootjack Lane to Triangle Rd
•    East Westfall Road from Triangle Road to Oliver Creek
•    Cole Rd
•    Carlton Road from Triangle to Silva Road
•    Allred Road from Hwy 140 to Morningstar
•    Morning Star from Carlton to Allred including all side roads
•    Ponderosa Way to Feliciana Mountain Rd Including Feliciana Mountain Rd
•    Carstens Road including all side roads
•    Brooks Road

OPEN TO RESIDENTS ONLY- ID will be required to enter –
•    Triangle Rd from Hwy 49S to East Westfall including all side roads
•    Tip Top from Triangle Road to Hwy 49S including all side roads
•    Woodland Drive
•    McNally Road
•    Silva Road from Hwy 49S to Carlton Road including all side roads


Oak Fire Operations Map 7.25.2022

Today’s Video Update is here.


All evacuee’s are encouraged to register with the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be eligible for services.

Monetary donations may be made through the Mariposa Community Foundation.

Mariposa County Recovers is the official website for emergency and recovery information.



Evacuation Map

Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office

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