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1850 Restaurant + Brewing Company and World Central Kitchen providing meals to the Mariposa Community

Oak Fire Communities Remain Mariposa Strong

MARIPOSA COUNTY–The residents of Mariposa County are no stranger to devastating wildfires. In 2018 The Detwiler Fire burned over 80,000 acres and destroyed 63 residences. One year later, The Ferguson Fire burned almost 100,000 acres and took 6 months to contain completely. It is said history repeats itself and Mariposa County wildfires can be traced well back into the 1800’s .  When the Agua and the Oak Fires threatened their community within a week of each other this July, “Mariposans” jumped right in to help each other. Nearby communities did too.


I have place for

RV and three guest bedrooms

with fenced yard (3.5 acres).

for any evacuees !! Patti in Coarsegold



Local Organizations and Businesses Respond

Almost immediately local organizations and businesses responded, too. Jeff Shaw from Farmers Insurance in Mariposa set up canopies outside his business and began giving out supplies to affected families including waters, snacks and personal care items. Mariposa Safe Families jumped in to help by offering supplies to families and receiving donations from Pioneer Market, Arbor Works, Catholic Charities, and private citizens. Soup for Friends, an Oakhurst organization, set up a distribution event within 5 days where Oak Fire survivors could receive food, clothing and other items.

Oak Fire Donations from Farmers Insurance

Mariposa Safe Families Oak Fire Donations

The list goes on and on!

  • Realtors collected donations for the animal care at the fairgrounds
  • Hardware stores offered free sifters, rakes, shovels and gloves
  • Fitness centers opened up their showers for evacuee’s
  • Free meals were offered through several businesses and individuals, and World Central Kitchen arrived to coordinate meals through local restaurants.


People Wanted to Know “Where can we donate money?”

As soon as the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office began informing people their homes had been lost in the fire, people wanted to know where they could make financial donations. The Mariposa Community Foundation rose to the occasion, as they have in the past, and set up an Oak Fire Relief Fund.

Go Fund Me campaigns were started for families and friends by families and friends. For a list of Go Fund Me campaigns that have been checked for legitimacy a google document has been set up and is being updated daily. Also, Go Fund Me has a page for Oak Fire fundraisers here.

Mariposa County’s “I Want to Donate” page has additional ways to donate.


“The Oak Fire has destroyed homes and disrupted the lives of many Mariposa community members. Once again, Mariposa needs to come together and be Mariposa Strong to support those friends and relatives as they rebuild their lives and homes. The fire isn’t out yet, but the team that came together to fight the fire, keep people safe, provide places to stay and support while evacuated and then to help them return to their homes is still working hard in our behalf. And the businesses and individuals, some even in spite of their own losses, who have contributed to their community in this time of need. We owe them all a huge debt of gratitude.” –Rosemarie Smallcombe, Mariposa County Supervisor


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