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OACC Business Spotlight: Yosemite Cowork

Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight: Yosemite Cowork

OAKHURST, CA —Call me old-fashioned, but when Yosemite Cowork owner Tom Schiavon contacted me about becoming a chamber member, I had to ask, “what IS Yosemite Cowork?” I’ve since discovered that coworking is one of the newest concepts in office sharing and in finding a quiet, well-equipped space to work when you’re away from your office or home office.

Yosemite Cowork opened for business in April 2022 by Tom Schiavon. Here’s what Tom told me about Yosemite Cowork’s current operation and plans for the future.

What do you offer?

  • Yosemite Cowork offers hot desk and conference room rentals.
  • Web-call enabled TV in conference room
  • Reliable, high-speed internet at 250mbps
  • Complimentary Reverent Coffee
  • Included printing/scanning/faxing

What makes you unique?

  • A space dedicated to getting work done. Unlike some other options for working in a public space, Yosemite Cowork doesn’t have loud music, excessive traffic, or background noise. If interested, members can meet and collaborate with other local business owners and professionals. For the price of a cup of coffee elsewhere, someone can work for half a day in a quiet, dedicated workspace with coffee included. Throughout the space is art by members of the Yosemite Sierra Artists group, giving it a distinctly mountain vibe.

Special Services

  • Printing/scanning/faxing is included in the cost of membership

Yosemite Cowork is located at 40111 Highway 41, Unit 4, Oakhurst. Contact Tom at (559)896-3000 or email him at Info@YosemiteCowork.com.

For information about Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce, email us or call us (559)683-7766. Office hours are 10 am to 2 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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