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OACC Business Spotlight: MD Fitness

Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight

AHWAHNEE, CA — Judi Hussain, Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce Administrator sat down with the owner of MD Fitness, Michael Diaz for a question and answer session.

How long have you been in business in Ahwahnee? Since November 2019.

How long have you been doing personal training? I have been in the fitness industry selling personal training since 2002, and became a Personal Trainer in 2012 through NASM( National Academy of Sports Medicine).

What has been your biggest client challenge to date?The biggest challenge are the clients that have been conditioned to think that fad diets and fad exercises are the way to go. I used to be one of them. lol. Or the ones who rely on a product for weight loss. Been there and done that too! We like to teach our clients the discipline of getting in shape, to be self reliant. Breaking the old habits and introducing a new method is not always a smooth process but when we do push through it, it makes new life lasting habits that improve health & longevity.

What has given you the most satisfaction? When a client has doubts and needs encouragement to stay on course to see the results. Once they do and their friends or family notice it’s a whole different ball game! Whenthey gain confidence, then the workouts become a bit more interesting because they are mentally tough as well and they know they can get results so they push harder for it. In short without them knowing it, they become athletes.

What sort of training do you do?(Types of machines, non-machine, etc) We have our clients do a variety of Calisthenics, Bodyweight exercises, Free weights, Strength Training, Suspended Training, Conditioning, Some Kickboxing, Cardio etc. We love to give them a variety to keep it fun and to always have a challenge waiting around the corner. We offer Online Training, Hybrid Online Training (train in person 1 or 2x’s/month), or In Person Group and In Person Private Training.

Do you offer items for sale (supplements, etc)? Yes like recovery, whey protein, collagen, muscle milk. We also have Facial Gel Masks, Bath Bombs, Chap Stick, Scented Candles, Yoga Pants, Yoga Capris and Yoga Shorts all with pockets. The ladies love the pockets!!!

Do you have current openings for clients?I do have a few morning group spots open and some 1-on-1 spots for the evening. Lots of online openings too!

What hours are you available? We are open 7:30am and close at 8pm Monday – Friday. Certain Saturdays we are open for make-up days. I like to heal during the weekends : )

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