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Novell Construction

Anyone who has ever hired Dave Novell to do a job will tell you he is dependable, skilled, and passionate about doing the very highest quality work.

And if you’ve ever been frustrated by a contractor not calling you back, you will never have that issue with Dave.

Dave Novell’s construction experience began in 1971 at Lake Tahoe, where Chuck Lilley, a Tahoe City builder of custom homes, was the first to implant in Novell’s young and impressionable mind the idea of perfection. Lilley, a one-time member of the San Diego Chargers football squad, declared, “I’m going to make a finish man out of you!” To which Novell responded, “But I’m Norwegian/Dutch!”Novell House

A move to the San Diego area in 1972 found Novell running a framing crew, where he took the opportunity to learn the geometrical and mathematical wonders of structural applications.

Novell returned to his native Fresno, where through the 70s and 80s enjoyed the guidance of Ralph Malone, known as the top builder of extraordinary homes in the area. It was while with Malone that Novell refined his craft and passion as a finish carpenter.

Novell became a licensed general building contractor in 1980 after moving with his wife Sue to North Fork, where they purchased their first home and later built a new one on the property where she has been raised. It was in and around North Fork that Dave began to specialize as a re-Silkwood 1modeler, focusing mainly on residential room additions, decks, roofs, doors and windows and related projects. He also notably built the B & B Building for Cal Barnett and the North Fork Center, current home of the North Fork Pizza Factory and Post Office.

“No job too small, and I will return your call,” Dave says.


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