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North Fork’s Public Coffee House Hosts Dutch Artist

NORTH FORK – Dutch artist Marijke Bouwmans will headline the first “Meet and Greet” event of the spring/summer line up at Public Coffee House on Saturday, May 19, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Bouwmans’s presentation will feature her latest multi media installation, “W…here are my diplomas.”

This large mixed media installation evokes issues about social values like “Who is in and Who is out, Who do you identify with?” In other words, Bouwmans takes up the concept of identity in this new work.

The search for diplomas should move beyond the thought of transcripts as understood in the academic and career world, says Bouwmans. In that arena, diplomas are seen as a ticket to success and determine much of one’s value. Bouwmans uses the concept of diploma not in the race for intellectual or financial success, but as a metaphor for one’s unique talents and internal sense of worth.

Since the viewer in this exhibit is confronted with her or his own sense of identity, it seemed natural that the exhibit would include an element where people can gain insight into who they are, deep down. As a thumbprint signifies one’s identity, so handwriting shows our uniqueness. The interactive work “You Are But a Melody,” included in this show, takes your handwriting and transposes it into music. “This way the self is mirrored in a melody and is momentarily less dependent on external factors,” says Bouwmans.

Mixing various materials and techniques for this installation illustrates and supports Bouwmans’s belief that variation can come together in a acceptable and presentable whole. “This Art is a social mirror of a healthy community that thrives because of its diversity.”

Bouwmans is a multimedia artist and a Jungian psychotherapist. Since 2000, she has shown in private galleries in both the Netherlands and California. Her work was included in a group exhibition in May 2012 at the Fresno Art Museum, and currently represented in several private collections.

Public Coffee House is located in downtown North Fork at 33023 Road 222.

Clip former work Amplification in Mood – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWNcLjvU4ts

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