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North Fork Scouts Plant Trees At Bass Lake

Submitted by Scoutmaster Dave Smith —

NORTH FORK — The combination of continued exceptional drought and epidemic numbers of bark beetles have greatly impacted the conifer forest in the Bass Lake area.

Forest Service contractors have spent many months removing dead trees from the campgrounds and day use areas around Bass Lake.

In April 2016, Scouts of North Fork Boy Scout Troop 357 planted ponderosa pine and blister rust resistant sugar pine at the Bass Lake boat launch.

In its continuing effort to help return conifers to the forest along the shores of Bass Lake, Troop 357 Scouts and some family members spent Saturday morning, Apr. 22 (Earth Day), planting trees at the Pine Slope Day Use area at Bass Lake.

The Scouts planted a total of 190 one-year-old bare root and containerized seedlings including 135 ponderosa pine, 30 blister rust resistant sugar pine and 25 incense cedar seedlings in the day use area.

After all the seedlings were planted, the troop returned to North Fork for ice cream before heading home.

The troop will be holding a recruitment night at the Scout Building in North Fork this Thursday, Apr. 27, starting at 7 p.m.

Boys between the ages of 11 and 17 or 10 1/2 and going into the 6th grade are eligible to become a Boy Scout. The Cub Scout pack will also be recruiting that evening. Boys ages 7 through 10 are eligible to become Cubs.

Interested boys and parents are encouraged to come and learn what Scouting has to offer. More information can be obtained from Dave Smith, Scoutmaster, at 877-2186.

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