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North Fork Resident Reported Missing

NORTH FORK – Longtime resident Carolinda Bybee left her home on the property she shares with her parents on Saturday morning, Jan. 11, heading out to visit friends in Oakhurst or Auberry. According to her parents and closest friends, Carolinda, 35, has not been heard from since, nor has her vehicle been located.

Carolinda is a caucasion female who stands approximately 5′ 4″ and weighs about 120 lbs., with beautiful blue eyes and long, browish/blondish hair. The photograph of Carolinda pictured with this story is recent, from December 2013.

Also missing is her car, a white Jeep Cherokee, California license plate number 3REV862.

Carolinda’s father Steve Bybee has worked at Goodwin Lumber in North Fork for over ten years, while mother Freda is employed in customer service. Both parents saw their daughter sometime between 9 – 11 a.m. Saturday morning, and are now so concerned about her whereabouts they say they have contacted the Sheriff’s Office and filed a missing persons report.

Steve Bybee says Freda asked her daughter Saturday morning if Carolinda wanted to accompany mom to Fresno; Carolinda said she was heading to either Oakhurst or Auberry, calling some friends and going to visit them. By Sunday evening, the Bybees began to realize they hadn’t heard from their grown daughter, and started calling her friends. None had heard from Carolinda, either. Her cell phone goes directly to voicemail. Her car has not been spotted since, and her parents, older sister and friends are extremely worried.

The Bybees and some of Carolinda’s friends called area hospitals in Fresno and Madera to see if she had been admitted. No one had any information that would help. By Monday morning, with still no word from Carolinda, her mother Freda contacted the Sheriff’s department and filled out a missing person’s report.

By Tuesday morning, Carolinda’s story and photograph began to circulate on social media. Her parents and friends want to make sure anyone who sees or hears from Carolinda contacts them immediately.

Carolinda and her parents are no strangers to difficult circumstances. They say the missing woman regularly takes medication for mental health conditions. Carolinda’s closest friends are aware of her health challenges and remain concerned because, even in her darkest hours, Carolinda has historically let someone know where she is and what she’s up to.

“We noticed that she hadn’t taken her pills on Sunday,” says her father, Steve. “She had taken them up to that point. That’s when we began to worry because we had expected her back on Sunday, and she’s really good with her medication.”

The Bybees have been North Fork residents for 27 years, and Carolinda started 1st grade there.

“We have been through so much in the past, we’ve been through the grinder, so we’re not freaking out or coming unglued but we are very worried and these are odd circumstances,” continues Steve, who took a ride up to Whiskey Creek on Tuesday, Jan. 14, a place Carolinda is known to love. He found no sign of his missing daughter.

Steve says Carolinda carries her cell phone with her always and is in constant contact with her younger sister, who hasn’t heard from her, either. “That makes it more scary,” Steve admits.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Carolinda’s parents. Steve Bybee can be reached during the day by calling Goodwin Lumber at (559) 877-2336, where owner Ken will take a message if Steve is not available.


  1. Why are they mentioning in detail, about her mental health and admissions to mental health facilities? and how is “beautiful blue eyes” going to help us find Carolinda? Stick to the professional facts….. just the facts!!

  2. Tahe a slow drive on 222 to Auberry.

  3. I can just imagine how she may feel when she comes back home and sees everyone knows her personal business! Why would you post her medical history on here even if her parents did give you that information what gave you the right to post it on he for potentially thousands of people to see?

  4. Hey Devon – The writer says nothing about mental health issues/facilities… So it looks like you are not reading the “facts”.

  5. besides, devon and jen … if a missing person does have mental health issues, it’s in their best interest, if found in touchy circumstances, that those finding her know to be aware of her potential needs

    suggesting that we should not know this only contributes to the ongoing shaming of those suffering mental health issues, which are a medical condition, not a stigma

  6. Absolutely, I agree. The edited version you see above- with the intimate details of Carolinda’s medical history gone- replaced with more generic terms- improves the quality of the article without seeming gossipy. How it was written before was unprofessional and intrusive.

  7. Hello, I just received a call from someone who thought that I had left the comments from “Devon”. It was not me. this is such a small town and I am not aware of another Devon, so I thought I should make it known that this is someone else. My opinion is that Carolindas family has every right to give any information that they believe will help find her. Also, her beautiful blue eyes might make her stand out to people and help them recognize her. My thoughts and prayers are with Carolindas family and friends, I pray she is found safe and healthy very soon. Devon De La Cruz

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