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North Fork Photo Inspires A Pass Down Memory Lane

NORTH FORK – Former North Fork resident Milt Wheeler has a classic photograph he says portrays the 1955 North Fork Elementary School basketball team, and he’s wondering if anyone else is thinking about those good old days. Wheeler traded one paradise for another; he lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, now.

He says the photo includes North Fork resident Doug Betty, #6, on the left. Wheeler himself, #7 is next to him, and Bob Wheeler of Bass Lake is #1. They’re in front of the old school gym, about sixty years ago.

“I forgot the names of the others in the picture,” says the player. “The three of us are still kicking! If anyone can help identify the other players, that would be great.”

Now he’s asking if anyone out there has photographs of a special day he remembers on campus.

“I don’t have any more pictures of North Fork School,” says the transplanted neighbor, “but I would like to know if anyone had pictures of Billy Beam Day at North Fork School. It was in the spring time I believe.  There would be running races.”

Recalling that Billy Beam may have been a school board member, Wheeler adds that Beam was in charge of the Wishon  Power House on Kerchoff lake.

“He was honored by and with Billy Beam Day at North Fork School,” Wheeler explains. “Mahalo for getting back to me.”



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