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North Fork Mill Trail

Mill Trail 2012 LogoNorth Fork residents – I would like to invite you to consider this your chance to create something unique and beautiful in your community! Harry Stott and The North Fork Community Trail Coordinating Group are calling on everyone to become part of the team to design and build the Historical South Fork Mill Trail.

Since I moved “down from the mountain” and into the bosom of civilization several years ago, the thing I have missed the most is a place to walk. The old road along Manzanita Lake is a great option, and there are various trails and roadways (not always free of growling dogs or speeding cars), but I love this idea that these folks have come up with to build a walking and biking trail around the mill site.

The vision for the project is to have a one-and-a-half mile trail that circles the Old Mill Site in South Fork, complete with rest areas and benches, picnic areas and arbors, fishing stops at the pond, perhaps even a bridge over to the Recreation Center. The goal is to provide a beautiful path for hiking and biking, walking and wandering, enjoying the views and the creek, and offering the chance to get out and enjoy nature in our little village. Also, the hope is to further tourism in the North Fork community and expand recreational activities.

The North Fork Community Trail Coordinating Group began meeting in the summer of 2010. Their purpose was to coordinate the project to be known as the North Fork Community Trail. The original planning group consisted of Sandy Chaille, Elissa Brown, Ginger Faost and Harry Stott. The coordinating group split into two subcommittees: the planning subcommittee and the “Just Do It” (mill trail) subcommittee.

The trail has been previewed by several people who have walked or ridden the pathway. Flags and markers have been set to define the route, and many residents and business owners have been contacted to help in the set up, organization and planning of the trail, including the Boy Scouts, high school students and some avid cyclists.

But there has been a bit of a glitch – so far there hasn’t been enough consistency in the planning and hands-on help with the trail. So, we’d like to put the word out to the community, and rally some support for what is sure to be a great addition to our town.

One critical job that needs to be done up front is the filling of a few erosions spots along the creek, requiring heavy equipment. Currently, funds are being sought to cover the cost of this work, some of which is being donated by Keith at All Right Recycling. Help has also been forth-coming from Dan Rosenberg at the CDC, Scott at Slim’s Koffee Shak, the Foundation for Resource Conservation, and of course, Harry Stott of Stott Builders. The hope is that many more workers will come out and help with the planning and the actual get-dirty, hands-on tasks.

Going forward, more volunteers will be needed for a trail maintenance group, organization and design for artwork and trail-side areas, and general trail clean up. Any and all ideas for how to make the trail a major asset to our town are welcome. We are only limited by our collective imaginations and our desire to get out and make something happen.

Mill Site Trail Logo
Once again, the top needs at this time are –

– funds to pay for fill work (roughly $700)
– Volunteers for trail maintenance group
– Organization for group meetings
– People who love the community and want to bring ideas and hands-on help to this trail project

If you would like to participate in any way, please call Harry Stott at 240-0650 or email I know he will be more than happy to hear from you, and tell you how you can best be a contibution to a great idea.

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