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North Fork Man Allegedly Starts Own House On Fire

NORTH FORK — Residents on Willow Creek Drive have just been through a week of threats from the rising waters of Willow Creek, but this evening the threat was from fire.

Just after 7:30 p.m., reports came in that a man had built up a pile of debris on his porch and lit it on fire.

According to neighbors, they watched it happen and one ran across the street to try and extinguish the flames. Another called 911, requesting not only firefighters, but a sheriff’s deputy to deal with man, who they said has a history of mental problems.

One witness says that he threw a large jug of water on the fire, but the man only added more to the pile.

Firefighters were there within minutes, and quickly had the fire put out, keeping it contained to the carport with no spread into the house.

The man then became combative. Neighbors say he has been becoming increasing erratic after a recent family crisis, and they hoped that he would be taken somewhere to receive some mental health services.

The fire was contained by 8:05, and deputies arrived at scene to deal with the alleged perpetrator. It is unknown at this time what the outcome of that interaction was.

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