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North Fork Library Features Photographer Don Grove

The North Fork Library is currently featuring a special display of photographs by the local photographer Don Grove. This is the first time several of the photos have been on display for the public.

This collection includes a series of shots from the last total eclipse of the moon that occurred in December 2011 and one of Venus as it passed directly between the Earth and the sun on June 5th of this year. Other interesting photos on display are an old Army Ambulance, a beautiful field of California Poppies, and a maple tree cloaked in snow.

Mr. Grove will be swapping these pieces for new ones periodically, so make sure to visit the library in North Fork soon. This display case is available to the public in order to view and display art or special collections.

We are happy to provide space for local artists and community organizations in the interest of building a better community. Previous exhibits have included the North Fork History Group’s display of photos taken when the North Fork Library was first opened to the public in 1979 and this past spring, Sandy Chaille shared her special collection of Girl Scout memorabilia for their 100th year anniversary.

Please contact Sarah at the North Fork Library (877-2387) to schedule your artistic or civic organization display.

The North Fork Library is located on the main street above the fire station at 32908 Road 222, North Fork.

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