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North Fork Christmas Parade & Party

NORTH FORK — The Artisan Herd of North Fork will embrace this year’s parade theme, “Deer” Santa, by masquerading with decadent majestic splendor as a herd of artistically costumed deer celebrating the holiday. The herd consists of seven bucks, eight does, one fawn and one “horn man.”

North Fork resident Marij Bouwmans was the catalyst in rounding up the artisan herd to participate and join in this year’s parade that is sponsored by the North Fork Boosters, a non-profit community service organization.

“Deer have deep mythological meaning, besides being the contemporary sled pullers for Santa,” Bouwmans explains. “Their role of sled pullers may be a variation of a much older myth, namely, pulling the Winter Solstice around.”

Local artisan Charlie Overstreet, who has shared his delightful and whimsical deer sculptures around North Fork, sculpted wooden deer heads with a set of manzanita branches as antlers for each artisan to embellish and costume as elegantly or outrageously as they desired for the upcoming parade.

The parade begins at 2 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 14, in downtown North Fork, and ends with a Christmas party for children at the North Fork Town Hall. Hot dogs, cookies, hot chocolate and gifts for the children will be provided by the North Fork Boosters.

For more information, call (559)676-7766.

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