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North Fork Booster and 2014 winner Janet Wheeler with 2015 Citizen of the Year Linda Gott-Maddox.

North Fork Chooses Linda Gott-Maddox Citizen Of The Year

NORTH FORK — The mountain community of North Fork gathered at the Town Hall tonight to honor all its nominees for the 37th annual Citizen of the Year, choosing Linda Gott-Maddox from a wealth of candidates.

True to her gracious and generous nature, Linda acknowledged everyone who gives of their time and energy in service to the community.

“I am so honored to be among this wonderful group,” said Linda, noting that North Fork is blessed to have so many who give so much.

“Any time I need help with something I’m doing, there’s always someone there to lend a hand,” said Linda. “Whether it’s for five minutes or five years.”

Linda worked for many years at the North Fork School, continues to volunteer where needed, and is now employed at Ponderosa Telephone in customer care. She has donated countless hours to a host of local service organizations including the North Fork Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary, the Grizzly Century Bike Run, MyTri, the Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree, The Chawanakee Educational Foundation and Relay for Life.

She also somehow finds time to teach Sunday School and volunteer every Tuesday evening after work at the North Fork Library. Linda was also chosen for the Community Spirit Award in 2012 by the California Communications Association of Sacramento for her work at Ponderosa.

Linda will now have another community event to put on her calendar, as the new Citizen is in charge of preparing next year’s dinner.

Janet Wheeler, winner in 2014, served up a Mexican feast tonight, with Julie and Dean mixing margaritas at the Booster’s Bar. Janet also introduced the nominees and announced the winner, after District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler read the list of past winners, many of whom were in attendance.

Nominees for Citizen 2015

Nominees for North Fork’s Citizen of the Year 2015

Other nominees for 2015 included (pictured above):

Justin DeMasters

Don Grove

Rah & Sarah Rah

(Linda Gott-Maddox)

Jennifer McMillan

Tom Burdette

Robyn & Al Flory

Angel & Jason Neville

Dee & Chris Salazar

Russell Walsh (not pictured)

Two others were nominated, but chose to decline the honor.

The Citizen of the Year Dinner is put on each year by the North Fork Boosters.

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