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No Substitute For Keitz's Experience As A Prosecutor

Madera County needs, and deserves, an experienced District Attorney as our chief law enforcement officer. That is why I have endorsed Michael Keitz and urge voters to join me in reelecting him as our District Attorney.

There is no substitute for experience and for the past 22 years, Michael has proven himself to be one tough prosecutor. Even in the challenging economic times of the past five years, criminal convictions are up 17 percent under his leadership. This is a testament to his ability to keep our streets safe while also wisely managing taxpayer dollars.

Among Michael’s and his Team’s many accomplishments as our District Attorney:

• Convicted child molester Salomon Metejano was sentenced to 145 years to life.
• Yosemite Lake Park arsonists Kenneth Jackson and Alice Waterman were convicted and sentenced to a combined 41 years in prison.
• Dustin Gran and Brittany Navarra were convicted of first degree murder.
• Justin Rice was convicted on three counts of murder while under the influence of methamphetamine.

Being on the County’s Gang Intervention Team, District Attorney Keitz has also been instrumental in working to provide positive alternatives to crime, especially with youth. In particular, I have been impressed with his collaboration with our school districts to reduce truancy and hold parents accountable for sending their children to school.

Also working with the gang intervention team and graffiti reduction efforts have also reached kids who might otherwise go down the wrong path in life.

As a County Supervisor, public safety is my highest priority and I believe that Michael Keitz is the only qualified candidate in this race. When you cast your ballot, vote for experience and a proven track record of successfully putting criminals behind bars. Reelect Michael Keitz as our District Attorney.

Rick Farinelli

District 3 Supervisor, Madera County

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  1. There is good experience, and there is bad experience, and bad experience is far worse than no experience at all. That is Michael Keitz, a very bad experience that must not be repeated. If he is re-elected, will we have to spend another 1.5 million (or more) in taxpayer money defending his misdeeds, as brought on by county employee lawsuits? How many more can we expect? It’s a good bet there will be more. The man is a proven disaster.

    David Linn, on the other hand, has the quality experience, education and temperament to be a great district attorney. He is a highly respected community leader who has received the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce “Man of the Year.” award, along with other public service commendations.

    Please vote on November 4, and vote for David Linn, to restore the public trust in Madera county’s criminal justice system. It is long overdue.

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