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Please Leash Your Dogs At Ahwahnee Hills Park

AHWAHNEE – Friends of Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park are reporting that “man’s best friend” may need to be reminded of some rules when it comes to playing in the park.

Fern Facchino is Chairman of the nonprofit that supports the sprawling grounds located off Highway 49 in Ahwahnee. The organization wishes to emphasize to visitors that all dogs must be leashed at all times.

Facchino reports they’ve had a problem, lately, with people letting their dogs off-leash at the park after they arrive at the roadway. Per Park rules, she says, “Dogs must be kept leashed at all times, and owners are requested to clean up and remove solid waste.”

It’s not just dogs that are asked to be on their best behavior. Rules at the Park apply to horses, bicycles, and skateboards, as well. “Horse travel is limited to the marked equestrian trails,” state the guidelines. “Bicycle and skateboard use are not allowed in the park.”

It’s the off-leash dogs that are really getting to Facchino lately, and she says it’s their owners who need to pay more attention.

Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park forest“People are not listening to the Caretaker,” she states with frustration. “There are signs posted, including at both entrances. The minute the Caretaker is out of sight dog-owners let their dogs run loose.” Facchino cites a County Ordinance that prohibits dogs off-leash when not on their own property, and says people can expect a ticket if they are continually unable to comply with the leash rule.

Park Rules say County Codes and Ordinances as per Section 9.74 prohibit allowing dogs to run at large in a park, without a leash. For one thing, Facchino contends, it’s a safety issue.

“The dogs come up to the caretaker and other people and start nipping at them, so it is definitely a danger.” For more information phone (559) 683-0408 or contact Friends of Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park. The Park is located at 43469 Highway 49, Ahwahnee, CA.; PO Box 3, Ahwahnee, CA 93601

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