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Check out the new sign at the Visitor Center!

New Sign at Visitor Center Turning Heads

OAKHURST — An eye-catching new sign has been turning heads in Oakhurst.

The idea to update the existing sign at the Visitor Center first began in 2016. But what started off as a simple redesign of the existing plastic frame turned into a discussion about how to best represent the organization, the region and the gateway to Yosemite National Park.

Visit Yosemite | Madera County’s board of directors subsequently agreed upon the new design, and in true mountain fashion, reached out to their talented neighbors and friends to help get the work done.

Bob Cook, of Cook’s Communications in Fresno, graciously offered to donate his time cutting and hand-sanding some 80 stainless steel pieces that make up the sign. Bob and his wife Peggy have continuously invested in the mountain community, generously sponsoring Bass Lake’s Mountain Area Youth Triathlon – MyTri – for all seven years.

Mike Moscato, of Art Signs in Oakhurst, created the beautiful wood-textured backdrop for the artwork and the rock planter box that sits at the base of the sign. He also handled the installation of the project, making the dream come to life. This was Mike’s final project before retiring after 40 years in the business. His lasting legacy is a beautiful example of craftsmanship that will be appreciated in the community for years to come.

“The goal is to strengthen and grow the local economy through tourism, therefore improving the quality of living for residents. The sign stands as a true landmark, welcoming guests to our area and welcoming locals home,” says Michelle Miller, president of the board of directors. “We are truly grateful for everyone who pitched in and helped make the new sign a reality; Mike Moscato and his crew, Bob Cook, David Burchfield, Ann Topham, Tom Wheeler, Wade Wheeler, Seth Waltner, Josh McConnell, Steve Welch and Rhonda Salisbury.”

Visit Yosemite | Madera County is dedicated to marketing the Madera farmlands, rolling foothills, mountain communities, Bass Lake, and the crown jewel, Yosemite National Park.

The finished sign is a small monument that pays tribute to Yosemite, to the people who work here and to those that visit this beautiful corner of the world.

The Southern Yosemite Visitors Bureau was formed in 1985. It has been operating at The Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau for over 30 years. The Bureau was established by a group from the Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce with a vision of the growing potential for drawing the millions of visitors to Yosemite National Park to the many businesses and attractions in Madera County.  Recently the visitors bureau changed its name to Visit Yosemite | Madera County to more accurately reflect its mission to promote all there is to see and do in Yosemite and Madera County.

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