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New Sheriff On Minarets Campus

By Ashley Davis — 

O’NEALS — Minarets High School is adding to the school year by year, including this year — with deputy on campus. Michael Murphy is a Madera County Sheriff’s deputy who is eager to be part of Chawanakee Unified School District.

This is the first year that Minarets will have a designated sheriff’s deputy on campus. He will be here to patrol the school grounds, assist students who need help, and keep everyone safe. He has enjoyed meeting the students, getting to know the staff, and providing guidance and advice for safety.

Officer Murphy is a great resource for Minarets staff and students, whether on or off campus. His addition to Minarets is a great step up to help keep students and staff safe and secure, to be helpful to those on campus, and make sure nothing harmful takes place on campus. We hope that this will motivate other school districts to also add officers on campus.

Read the original article here on Minarets Press.

Ashley Davis is a student at Minarets


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