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New Movies Light Up The Screens At The Met

Pick up your membership cards early!

OAKHURST – “Lincoln,” “Wreck It Ralph” and “Les Miserables” – that’s just part of the line-up in store for movie goers on opening night as the Met Cinemas reopen on Friday, Mar 1.

“We want to let people catch up on movies they may have missed,” says new owner Matt Sconce. “It’s exciting, especially after the Academy Awards. Lincoln won for best actor, and Les Mis best supporting actress. Wreck It Ralph came out the day after the theater closed.” Oz is also in the scheduled line-up, and will begin showing on Mar 8.

Sconce is encouraging everyone to stop in at the theater on Thursday between noon and 8 p.m. to pick up their Movie Heroes membership cards.

“We expect a large turnout on Friday, and since it will be first come, first served, it’s very important that people get their cards on Thursday,” says Sconce. “If we have to associate everyone’s card and photo on opening night, and there’s a line, it will take forever. Once they’re associated, it’s extremely fast.”

The owners plan to have four showtimes for each movie this Friday and Saturday, starting around noon and including a late show. They are still getting the exact show times dialed in, so check at the theater, or on their Facebook page some time on Thursday.

Sconce says the employees at the Met are very excited, are working well together and really care about the theater. “It’s great working with them, and it’s going to be a great weekend!”

See you at the movies!

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