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Image of a PET scan of a brain with Alzheimer's Disease.
Lecanemab works by removing a sticky protein from the brain that is believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease to advance. Read on for more information!

New Drugs, New Hope for Alzheimer’s Patients?

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — In the past year, two new drugs have been approved for Alzheimer’s: Lecanemab (the most recent) and Aduhelm. Both these drugs received a lot of press upon their approval by the FDA, and both promised that they could slow the progression of Alzheimer’s if given in the early stages. Both drugs are expensive and not covered by insurance.

Image of the Geisler Patterson Law logo. It is exciting that drug companies are putting money into researching and developing new drugs. In order for you or your loved one to be helped by these drugs or the ones currently on the market (Aricept and Namenda) they must be given early in the disease as they don’t do anything in the later stages.

Sadly, most people are in the mid to late stages before they or their doctor recognize that they may have Alzheimer’s or related dementia.

If you think you may have Alzheimer’s, it is important to get diagnosed as early as possible. In order to get diagnosed, you will need to find a doctor specializing in Alzheimer’s and related dementias and get tested.

Image of Aduhelm. The specialized PET scan for Alzheimer’s is not currently covered by insurance, so it will probably cost you some money, but if you want to slow the progression, you must get diagnosed early.

Once you have a diagnosis, you should make sure your estate plan is updated so that you have a plan for “what if … you don’t die but live with dementia.”

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Check out this short video on myths and misconceptions of Alzheimer’s Disease. 


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