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New Citizens On Patrol Sworn In

MADERA COUNTY – Sheriff John Anderson is honored to announce eight new volunteers have been added to the ranks of the more than 40-member-strong unit of Madera County’s nationally recognized Citizens On Patrol.

Sheriff Anderson hosted a swearing-in ceremony in the Madera Ranchos Monday night, June 17, where graduates of Class XIX were formally recognized by both the Madera County Board of Supervisors and Senator Anthony Cannella.Three volunteers will be stationed in Coarsegold, two assigned to the Oakhurst beat, and three more, including the son of a founding member, will patrol the Valley floor.

19-year old Angel Romero of Chowchilla is the youngest COP Volunteer on the force. His father, who joined the COPs program in 2000, says when Angel’s sibling joined the military, he decided to become a peace officer.

As he prepares for rigorous training in the Police Academy, COP Romero is eager to volunteer his spare time to the Sheriff’s Office, serving as the department’s second set of eyes and ears.

COPs have made a huge difference in the way law enforcement makes its presence known in our community, says Sheriff Anderson.

“They provide an invaluable service because they know their neighbors and their neighborhoods better than anyone.”

While the role of Citizens On Patrol volunteers is to mainly assist law enforcement, many are FEMA certified trained to work the front lines as first responders. The job requires extensive training, all of which is funded by the volunteers themselves.

“Our volunteers have made Madera County’s Citizen on Patrol one of the most successful programs in the nation,” says Anderson.

Pictured from left to right: Madera County Supervisor Manuel Nevarez, Vonda Mullin (Coarsegold), Jim Farr (Valley), Wayne Bussberg (Oakhurst), Denny Litten (Oakhurst), Sheriff John Anderson, Angel Romero (Valley), Thomas Allen (Coarsegold), Lisa Allen (Coarsegold), Shannon Picciano (District Representative for Senator Anthony Cannella). Not pictured, COP Tom Landess of Coarsegold.

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