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Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Heroes In The Storm

COARSEGOLD — In the small housing development community of River Knolls in Coarsegold, California, pride in Community is an understatement.

In the past few days, the River Knolls community, like so many communities throughout California, has been in distress over the heavy rains and winds that have been impacting the area.Animals Flooded out of Thier Homes

Several residents have jumped into action to help out their fellow River Knolls residents. Young and old, the call to action has been quickly answered.

One River Knolls resident was checking on an out-of-town neighbor’s animals and discovered the chicken and goat pens were almost completely underwater. In her panic, she turned to a River Knolls social media group to ask for some emergency help. Her plea for help was quickly answered, and the community jumped into action.

The social media thread dinged furiously with neighbors willing to help. One couple came right over and gathered the chickens. Not an easy task as chickens are fast, especially when they are in distress. Other neighbors rushed over and collected the goats, and transported them to their property for safekeeping.

When asked about the ducks living on the fast-flooding property, they replied, “The ducks are fine; they love this wet weather.”

The next day the wet weather became even worse. With no break in the rain, a torrential down poor started about the same time people were settling into bed for the night. As soon as the rain let up, one couscous resident decided to go outside and survey the area for even more rain damage. He quickly discovered the main road leading in and out of River Knolls had become unpassable. After further inspection, he could see the culvert under the road was completely full of mud and debris.

Image of Backhoe digging in creekTree branches swept in by the last down poor had filled the culvert, and the water ran swiftly across the road.

His first thought was to call the Sheriff and report the danger the road could cause if someone were to try to pass through the rapid water crossing the street. He thought of the residence’s safety. What if someone has a medical emergency and first responders cannot reach them? What about someone who wants to come home to a dry, warm home after working all day?

Again the neighbor turned to the River Knolls Social Media page and asked if anyone was willing to brave the weather and help him clear the culvert.

More Storms Coming: Wind, Rain, and Snow Returning

Immediately a few Neighborly Heroes jumped out of bed and went into action. With a backhoe, trucks, shovels, lights, and some good old fashion elbow grease, the residence of River Knolls, California, cleared the culvert, and the street was safe to travel. It took several hours of hard work, but together the members of the community got the job done.

This is not the only story about the community of River Knolls, California, coming together to help each other. From lost pets to lost keys, you can count on your neighbors at the Knolls to pitch in and help find them. From trash cleanup to repairing the sign at the entrance, The Knolls is a clean and lovely place to live. Some have even said, “if you go to work and have to drive around a down tree, you can best believe that tree will be cut up and removed from the road by the time you get home.”Comunity Heros

Let’s all be more like the residents of River Knolls, California, and work together to make life just a little easier.

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