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National Dress Your Pet Day is January 14

January 14 is National Dress Your Pet Day and Sally has been preparing for this big day for quite some time. In case your dog or cat hasn’t chosen their outfit for the big day, Sally wanted to help give you some ideas.

I did quite a bit of research for this blog and learned that people not only dress their dogs and cats up for this occasion but also their hamsters and other pets. I could feel Sally asking me to try and find out who came up with the idea of National Dress Your Pet Day. I was unable to pin this on anyone but did find out that they say the purpose is to celebrate pets and support the pet fashion community as a fun way.

Sally loves to wear her outfits. . .for treats. She also loves to pose for pictures. . .for treats.

You have probably seen some of Sally’s hiking outfits from the blogs. I think Sally looks pretty nifty in them and some of them actually have a purpose, but not everyone is a fan. When I put her first hiking jacket on, Ramoana the cat was not impressed, chasing and stalking her down the hallway and whacking at her with her claws. Ramoana would hide behind door openings for the sneak attack. Even though Sally was much bigger, there is no doubt who the boss in this household was.

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Over the years, Sally has added more hiking outfits. She even has her own fleece jammies for camping out.








This blue one is very practical in the snow and ice.




Sally and Me at a Frozen Spuller Lake December 28, 2011 (Photo by Keith Saucer)

Of course, she has her own backpack for longer hikes.


Who doesn’t have an outfit for rainy weather?

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We have different shoes for different situation and so does Sally.  Shoes for cold weather, deep snow and rocky areas are all part of her collection.











Sally is a very loyal 49er fan. Even when they are losing, she faithfully stays close to the TV to help send positive vibes to them.









But she does like to relax on a rainy day by the woodstove in her more casual clothes.


We had a big decision on what to wear for National Dress Up Your Pet Day and we finally landed on the perfect outfit. I hope that it will help inspire you and your pet so I will give you a sneak preview of Sally’s cowboy outfit for the big day. I can almost hear her say “Slap some bacon on a biscuit and let’s go. We’re burning daylight!” John Wayne in The Cowboys.

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