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My Ferrer Farm Produce Box

No hikes, no snowshoeing and no walking on a dirt road this past week. Like most everyone, I was dealing with winds, down trees, no electricity, then snow and rain.  I managed to pick up a few sticks and burn a couple of piles but those were the extent of my adventures this past week. It is a good time to share something that I have been doing related to a veggie box. I loved my T.D. Willy box, then they sold the vegetable box side of their business to OOOBY, which was nice while it lasted but then they went out of business. Having really fresh organic seasonal vegetables and fruits delivered to a local pick up spot has made shopping during COVID times a little easier for me but this service is a bit different that the prior companies because you don’t have to commit to a weekly box. You can order it as you need it and even order a la carte. Here is how it works.

On Wednesday, they deliver to two locations in the the Oakhurst area. At 3:30, they deliver to the wide spot off of Hwy 49 across from Harmony Lane and at 4:15, they deliver to the Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church. They don’t leave the boxes like the prior delivery companies so you need to be there at a half hour window to pick up your box. They also deliver the boxes to Yosemite Lakes Park in Coarsegold. If you live in the valley they have other options, including home delivery. I go to Ferrer Farm’s Homepage and order online what I want for the week, picking the location that I will pick up the box. There is a $10 minimum order for delivery. You pay online ahead when you finalize your order, by credit card or they accept Google Pay.

Here is what was up this week:


When I arrive at the pickup spot,  Maria and Ignacio Ferrer are masked up and ready to hand me my box.

It is hard to resist not taking a peek inside my box but I see some beautifully fresh lettuce through the crack.

It is so fun to open up my box and see the beautiful produce when I get home. These pictures are from a few previous boxes that I received.

















I see a little weather window next week that I may be able to get out safely on an adventure but if that doesn’t happen, my biggest adventure this week will be going to Moxie and have Martin Arce perform his magic on my hair. It has been a while and I am sure some of you can relate. That will be a very happy day!


Ferrer Farm

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  1. Looks like a wonderful bundle of produce and a great way to support local farmers. I enjoyed this blog!

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