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Multi-Vehicle Crash Blocks Highway 41 At Fast Tire

COARSEGOLD — A three-vehicle accident blocked Highway 41 this morning just south of Coarsegold in front of Fast Tire.

Just before 10:30 a.m., John Glenos, 72, of North Fork was headed to Fast Tire, where he had just days ago, put four new tires on his Pontiac G6.

Glenos was northbound on Highway 41, and says he put on his blinker well ahead of his turn. A white vehicle just behind him went around him on the right shoulder, but the following Dodge Ram 1500, driven by an 80-year-old man from Oakhurst, failed to slow and slammed into the back of Glenos, shoving him into the southbound lane where he ran head-on into a Mustang GT convertible driven by a 58-year-old woman from Fresno.

The vehicles came to a stop blocking both lanes of the highway. The man driving the white vehicle that had driven around Glenos, pulled over and ran back to provide assistance to those involved in the crash.

Two of the vehicles were moved into the Fast Tire parking lot within 20 minutes, and with the Dodge pickup out of the roadway on the east shoulder, both lanes were reopened.

The force of the crash sent a spray of glass from the shattered rear window of the G6 into the driver’s seat, and Glenos suffered cuts to his right wrist. Amazingly, that was the only injury to any of the drivers other than some chest discomfort, likely from the airbags deploying.

Glenos was thankful that he had left his 130 lb. Cane Corso at home on this day, but was definitely sad to say goodbye to his car. His assertion that he had his left blinker on was borne out by the fact that it continued to wink on and off as the car was towed away.

There were no passengers in any of the vehicles, and all drivers declined to be transported for medical treatment.

(Photo credit Gina Clugston)

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