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Mountain Lion Reports Put North Fork School On Lockdown

NORTH FORK — Reports of a mountain lion near the North Fork Elementary School this morning prompted a lockdown of the campus for nearly three hours.

At about 9 a.m., four students reported seeing a mountain lion near the perimeter of the school campus.

The school was put on lockdown, and a phone message was sent out by principal Jared Pierce, notifying parents of the situation.

“We initiated a lockdown in accordance with our Comprehensive Safety Plan in order to maintain campus safety,” said Pierce in a statement posted on the school’s Facebook page. “The Sheriff’s Department and Fish and Game were called to assist.”

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife came out to investigate, but were not able to locate the lion, and just before noon the lockdown was lifted.

The mountain lion was never in the immediate proximity of any students, and those who saw it reported that it seemed to be headed into the brush outside the fence. However, school officials took every precaution to ensure that everyone was safe until they received the “all clear” from Fish and Wildlife and the Sheriff’s Office.

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