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More Firefighters Needed At Station 12

First, I must say that CalFire is a first rate fire agency that protects our area. I tip my hat to all of our hard working firefighters who put their lives on the line to protect us, our community, and our properties.

The Oakhurst area has 13,000 residents, numerous buildings of public assembly and public use, tens of thousands of homes, along with businesses, schools, and places of worship. During the recent fires, there were over 1,000 firemen plus their equipment in Oakhurst. When the fire situation is over, and all of our heroes go home, there is ONE firefighter at Oakhurst Fire Station 12.

This is the ONE and only professional CalFire contracted employee provided by Madera County to protect every one of our 13,000 neighbors. The residents and business owners should press the county for more personnel to protect our community.

The new Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating is due. This will wake up the community because while our community has expanded both residentially as well as commercially, the fire department continues to serve with one firefighter. ISO ratings are developed based on equipment, personnel, training and resources such as water. Your insurance rep can explain this to you.

Patricia Johnson

Oakhurst, Ca

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