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Granite Creek near Granite Creek Campground

More Developed Recreation Sites Opening in Sierra National Forest

MOUNTAIN AREA — Sierra National Forest (SNF) together with California Land Management (CLM) and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) officials announced Thursday the reopening of more developed recreation day use and picnic sites. SNF, CLM and PG&E officials have been working together closely and consulting with state and local public health officials for direction in a phased approach to safely reopening recreation sites within the National Forest.

As of Thursday, officials said the following sites have met the criteria for opening safely:

Bass Lake Ranger District:

Rocky Point Picnic Site
Falls Picnic Site
Lakeside Picnic Site
Denver Church Picnic Site
Little Denver Picnic Site
Pine Slope Picnic Site
Willow Cove Picnic Area
Recreation Point Picnic Site
Pinepoint Picnic Site
Cranberry Flat Picnic Site
Indian Flat Picnic Site
McClendon Beach Picnic Site
Redbud Picnic Site
Forks Campground
Lupine Campground
Cedar Campground
Spring Cove Campground
Wishon Campground
Summerdale Campground
Chilkoot Campground
Fish Creek Campground
Soda Springs Campground
Sweetwater Campground
Greys Mountain Campground
Soquel Campground
Fresno Dome Campground
Kelty Meadow Campground
Dirt Flat Campground
Dry Gulch Campground
Granite Creek Campground
Nelder Grove Campground

High Sierra Ranger District:

Huntington Lake Boat Launch
Billy Creek Picnic Site
Dowville Picnic Site
Trails End Day Use
Dorabelle Day Use
Deer Creek Campground
College Campground
Lower Billy Campground
Dinkey Creek Campground
Buck Meadow Campground
Mono Hot Springs Campground
Mono Creek Campground
Vermillion Campground
Portal Forebay Campground
Ward Lake Campground
Dorabelle Campground
Kirch Flat Campground
Gravel Flat Camping Area
Bear Wallow Camping Area

Sample Meadow Campground
Bolsillo Campground

Sawmill Flats Campground
Black Rock Campground
Lily Pad Campground
Trapper Springs Campground
Marmot Rock Walk-in Campground
Courtright Boat Launch parking and ramp also used for RV overflow
Coolidge Meadow Fishing Access site
Spillway Fishing Access site
Wishon Dam Fishing Access site
Short Hair Creek Fishing Access site
Upper Kings River Fishing Access
Wishon Boat Launch parking and picnic area
Helms picnic area and Interpretive Site
Wee Mee Kute Fishing Access site
Courtright Geological Display Interpretive Site
LeConte Divide Scenic Overlook Interpretive Site

To see the full Forest Order No. 05-15-00-20-10 SNF Developed Recreation Site Closures, and the list of open areas, click here

The Forest Order does not close trails, trailheads and general forest areas, and dispersed camping remains available and open for public use and enjoyment. Information on individual recreation sites, hiking opportunities, and fire restrictions are available by calling your local Sierra National Forest office.

SNF and CLM crews will continue to prepare and open campground and prepare picnic areas for the season. As more recreation sites become available for public use, they will be added to the open list and along with the issue of a new forest order.

In a press release issued Thursday, SNF officials advised visitors to: “Do your part: If you or anyone in your household is feeling sick, please remain at home and plan your trip for another time. All visitors should practice self-sufficiency during your visits to the national forest. Recreating responsibly will help ensure that expanded access to recreational facilities, services and opportunities continue.”

Forest officials said the following practices should be exercised at all times:

• Maintaining at least six feet distancing from others.

• Do not gather in groups and please follow the latest guidance from officials.

• Communicate with others as you pass. Alert trail users of your presence and step aside to let others pass.

• Pack out your trash and leave with everything you bring in and use, leave no trace.

• All services may not be available, so please plan accordingly. 

Although offices remain physically closed, SNF has staff available to assist you. For further information regarding the Sierra National Forest and recreational activities please contact the High Sierra Ranger District office in Prather at 559-855-5355 ext.0, 3300 or 3301; the Bass Lake Ranger District in North Fork at 559-877-2218 ext. 0; or the Forest Supervisors Office in Clovis at 559-297-0706, or go online to www.fs.usda.gov/sierra.

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