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Mont Blanc Rescue

Notice the barely perceptible figure in the bottom left of this shot of Mont Blanc with lenticular cloud.

Here’s a closer view of the same climber. Nice rocks. Notice his belayer below him.

Mont blanc rescue2

As a Search and Rescue helicopter appears he seems to be signaling to it.

Mont blanc rescue3

A rescuer is lowered and the two of them are lifted off. We guessed that it was a training rescue operation and not the real thing, but still fascinating to watch.

Mont blanc rescue4

The pointed peak in the center is the Aiguille du Midi, from where i took the pictures above. The summit of Mont Blanc to the right is covered by a cloud here. This shot and the next were taken from our B&B balcony.

Mont blanc rescue5

Nearing sunset

Aiguille du Midi on the far left in the background,

and Mont Blanc is the peak with the rounded summit.

Mont blanc rescue6

The little cog railway took us up to the Mer de Glace glacier.

Mont blanc rescue7

Unfortunately, the glacier has lost 70 meters of thickness in the last 20 years as it has retreated. At that time the place where I was standing would have been covered by the ice. Until recently you could hike to an ice cave, but the cave is no longer, due to the rapid retreating of the glacier.
Mont blanc rescue8

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