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Monique Wales: Relief And Itaglio Printmaking

MONIQUE SNO SAT MWales Profile_1

Monique Wales, Red Tail Studios

Monique Wales
Sierra Art Trails 2015 Catalog #47

Monique Wales fell in love with ink, paper and press the moment she first tried her chosen art.  Having worked as a digital artist for decades, she traded that fast-paced, instant, modern medium for the time-consuming, tactile, old-world art of Relief and Intaglio Printmaking and never looked back.

Printmaking is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts these days, for good reason.  Its unique look and feel, along with its collectibility are driving a vibrant, renewed interest in the medium. Technically speaking, printmaking is the art of producing multiple originals; while nearly identical, each individual print has its own personality and feel due to subtle differences during inking and printing.

Monique Wales Bushtit Nest

Monique Wales, Bushtit Nest

Intaglio (etching, engraving) and Relief (linocut, woodcut, collography) Printmaking engages nearly all the senses.  While obviously a visual art, the smell of the ink, the sound of the needle etching its way across a copper plate, the lightest of touches wipes a copper plate of its excess ink… each of these other sensations helps to further involve the maker in the process of creation.

Monique takes her inspiration from the natural world and derives great pleasure from investigating the nearby foothills and Sierra, always on the lookout for her next subject.

Monique will be demonstrating this wonderful medium throughout the long weekend in her home studio, located a tranquil 13-minute drive from Stellar Gallery in the woods above Oakhurst.

MONIQUE Monique WalesTaftPoint_sm

Monique Wales, Taft Point

Their decade-old ‘camp spot’ became their forever home in 2013, after she and her husband took five years to build their dream ‘green’ home from the ground up.

MONIQUE Painted Lady

Monique Wales, Painted Lady

Monique first opened her studio to Trail-goers in 2014 and loved the opportunity the Sierra Art Trails gave her to discover and interact with her new audience.  This year, many exciting new pieces, both large and small, will greet visitors.

MONIQUE Robins_Nest_LR-3

Monique Wales, Robin’s Nest

Her current ‘carving-in-process’ in the next Yosemite Series will be in the carving studio / gallery so visitors can get a sense of the pace and intricacy of her work.

In addition to Monique’s work, Red Tail Studios will host wood sculptor extraordinaire, Steve Carney #48, who is also conducting daily demos, along with photographer and natural sounds gatherer, Dominique Roche.

In an effort to spread the printmaking love, Monique has added an exciting feature to her studio tour this time around.  An inking station, giant stack of Hosho paper and a special souvenir linocut will be available for those wanting to try their hand at the art – made just for guests of the Sierra Art Trails 2015 (while giant supply of paper lasts)!

MONIQUE Wales In Bloom dark - Copy

Monique Wales, In Bloom

Monique has sold her works to collectors as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as throughout the United States and Canada. Her pieces can be seen locally at both Stellar Gallery and Williams Gallery West in Oakhurst.  Three of her nature-inspired pieces have been selected for Organic Designs, a juried exhibition showing at the Carnegie Arts Center in Turlock during the month of October in 2015.

Monique’s work and process can be followed on Facebook.

MONIQUE Monique Wales Poppy Field

Images and biography submitted by the artist.

Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 2, 3 and 4, 2015. Click here to order catalog attend

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