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Minarets vs. Yosemite Football: The Rivalry Continues

By Joseph Langley
Minarets Press

OAKHURST — The Minarets Football team recently won their game against Mariposa, and are moving forward into one of the biggest games of the year!

This Friday (Sept. 6) at 5 p.m, the Mustangs are heading to the Yosemite High School stadium to play in one of the biggest games of the season against our rivals, YHS.

It’s sure to be full of excitement and fun, so don’t miss it!

In a recent interview leading up to the game, Coach Becker Marr talked about his excitement for the game.

“We’ve got a good team this year, it’s a big deal, but I think we’ll be able to play tough, and really make things happen,” Coach Marr said.

The coach also talked about his game plan, expressing that the team was going to really focus on what they know how to do well. He wants to avoid the mental mistakes, and help his players stay calm, by making sure they’re familiar and ready with whatever they’re going to have to do.

With all of that being said, one of the most important things to remember is that the rivalry we have with YHS should always stay a healthy one.

One of the things Minarets prides themselves on is cheering on their team, and being unified together, instead of booing or insulting the other team.

Doing this tells the players out on the field that they’ve got a wonderful school at their back, and tells the spectators that Minarets is a respectful school with integrity and honor.

So get out there, Mustangs, and show that unbreakable spirit!

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