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Minarets’ Twist On Mamma Mia The Musical

By Francine Soliz —

O’NEALS — Originally a musical but taken into the hands of directors, “Mamma Mia” has been entertaining romantics around the world. Being the media-driven school we are, of course we invested time in producing “Mamma Mia” in all its glory.

Kayla West, the director for our high school drama club, is jumping with joy.

“It is a fun show,” she says. “Each rehearsal has just been a blast. Even when we take a break, the kids are still singing and dancing.”

The cast is working so hard to put on the best play ever seen. Practicing after school to 5:30 p.m., these kids will be more than ready to perform on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17.

Welcoming new students, the Drama Club introduces a new member in junior Maddie Wristen, who is taking on the lead role of Sophia in the play.

“I love being apart of this amazing show,” Maddie says. “Mamma Mia is my favorite show and I’m so excited to play my favorite role which is Sophie. It’s hard to be a part of a new club but everyone is so welcoming in drama and I’m glad I joined.”

We are all aware how quickly time passes so when November rolls around, come out and support our Mustangs at Yosemite Lakes Community Church in their production of “Mamma Mia.”

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Francine Soliz is a student at Minarets

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